Develop Gujarat as a hub of quality and productive human resources by promoting market oriented, technology driven and inclusive skill and entrepreneurship development ecosystem that is in alignment with national vision on skill development.


  • Directorate of Employment and Training (DET), Government of Gujarat has a mission to

    • Provide convergence platform among skilling stakeholders to standardize skilling, promote maximum utilization of resources under common skilling norms.
    • Realign existing course curriculum and introduce new courses which are standardized in alignment with changing industry demands and required competencies within and outside national boundaries.
    • Improve the quality of training by introducing strong industry exposure and on-the job training for the trainees.
    • Strengthen the skill ecosystem in the state through national and global partnerships and cooperation in the areas of technology, knowledge, business and trade.
    • Engage and involve private entities and industries in every aspect of skilling namely strategizing, planning, implementation and evaluation of skilling and employment activities.
    • Create conducive environment in the state for better job creation through innovative schemes and programs which promotes, incubates, develops and sustains more employment in industries, self-employment and entrepreneurship in the state leading to dynamic and strong economy.